So this is how it ends…

When you are drowning in the ocean, seeing a large fish coming your way isn’t good news. Maybe Jonah didn’t even know how to swim, but even if he did, he didn’t have a chance of surviving through the storm in the open water. As he sank, holding in his last breath, he sees a huge fish zeroed in on him. Right then he knew. He wasn’t going to die by drowning. He was going to be eaten. Or worse, drown while being eaten.

Jonah wasn’t surprised by the storm. He knew it was his fault. He wasn’t just wavering or questioning God. He was in flat out rebellion. God asked him to do something and Jonah said no. I’m sure he didn’t expect God to just acquiesce and then move on to the next minor prophet. So when the storm raged, he knew it was looking for him.

Maybe you are in rebellion, or maybe your not sure why the storm has arrived, but you know you are about to drown. As John Foreman asks, “Did I get shot or shoot myself?” Life can often be hard to make sense of and sometimes we aren’t sure where to point our finger as we sink to the bottom. And maybe, right now or tomorrow, as you sink deeper into the undercurrent something else is going to come along and bring more pain. As I said, I’m sure Jonah didn’t have high hopes in regards to the fish’s intentions. He probably thought, “So, THIS is how it ends.”

But it didn’t end, did it? Oh, It wasn’t pleasant. He wasn’t saved from the sea by a luxury vessel headed to a beautiful island. Things just didn’t magically turn around.

He was puked up on the beach and the hard work he ran from was still waiting to be done.

So here’s my “the glass is half full AND half empty” dose of reality. If you are drowning right now, your rescue isn’t going to come in the form of the lottery, that dream job or by someone overhearing you joke with your buddy and asking you to come write for Saturday Night Live. Your rescue may look worse than your current predicament. It may leave you water logged, covered in puke and rolled in sand. It will probably leave scars.

But your rescue will be the very thing that you need in order to turn it around. It may not be pretty, but it will work.

We don’t know what happened to Jonah right after he was puked up. I imagine he was disoriented and just started walking in attempt to find his way back. The next scene in his story starts with God speaking to him “a second time.” There is hope in the words, “a second time.” He wasn’t glad to hear God’s voice the first time, but the second time was different.

The fish wasn’t the end. It was his rescue. And while he was literally still in the middle of that situation, Jonah understood it and his heart was changed. Then he was ready to turn around and face life as it was.


  1. Robby

    Induction into the digestive system of a large sea-creature undoubtedly alters your perspective of life before and after the moment your choices eat you alive. To those who have experienced decomposition in the belly of the beast, no experience can rival the gratitude you experience as you lay waterlogged on the beach covered in sand and fish-vomit. Thank God for second chances.

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  2. Robert Oglesby

    Great post Michael. Thanks for sharing it with us. Still hanging onto the great experience of the youth retreat together. I appreciate the opportunity to get to know you better and sharing your students with me.

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  3. Paul Nelson

    Appreciate some new insights into a story that I’ve known over 40 years. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to steal this for an upcoming class.


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