Numbered, Weighed and Divided

The writing was no longer proverbially on the wall; it was literally on the wall. It was something we have all begged to receive, a hand written note from God. Clarity. But, it was not good news. The message was “Numbered, Weighed, and Divided.”

He was just like his dad. He advertised his power and lounged in his wealth.  His father went from being a respected king and feared ruler to becoming the lead character in the local myth about the psycho in the woods. He knew his father was exiled and stripped of power by the hand of God, only to have it restored by eventually demonstrating humility. Yet as he looked upon God’s writing on the wall, the message was that he was not going to be given a second chance. (Daniel 5)

He should have seen it coming. He saw where his dad’s self-indulgence, cruelty, and flaunting had gotten him. More than that, he saw how and by whom his father was restored. Yet, down the same path he went, forming his own rut. He had no boundaries and no restraint. With his friends, wives and hookers, he raised the cups stolen from the temple of God to the false gods of gold and silver.  Money, sex, and power. Now his lascivious days were numbered. Now his empty life was weighed, and found to be all too empty. His wealth, his kingdom, his legacy was about to be divided up and taken away.

At times, our souls are not deep enough to accommodate the clear water of truth.

The sludge of our excuses and the begging of our biological chemical reactions fully pollute the water of a shallow soul. “Logic” or simply “knowing better” is no match for the draw of money, sex, and power. We must have deeper souls.

This is not about piety or moral perfection. This is about overcoming the allure of the false and the life-killing oil slicks left in the wake of carnality. Deep souls are lined with the sediments of self-control, knowledge, faith, kindness and love. These are the products of the essence of God and the attributes of “participating in the divine nature.” (2 Peter 1:5-9) These souls have enough volume to diffuse the pollution of our selfish rationalizations and uninhibited desires.

Here, in deeper water, lust and immorality sink to the ocean floor to be eroded by the tide of what is true and real.

The writing is on the wall for all of us. Our days will come to an end. The weight of our lives will be measured and what we have will eventually be divided up and handed to someone else. If we live the way of the deeper soul, the days we have will be full, our feet will leave deep prints and in the end, we will have already given away everything we have that is of any true worth.

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