Listen Up

You need to be called further. Not Higher. Higher has a sense of being above and you are not above. Further is moving forward and going toward and you need to move.

You have no excuse not to. You have been given everything you need to move deeper into this way of being. It has been promised to you and by now you should know what it means to participate in this divine depth.

This is why, the fact that you have been given everything you need, that you must move forward and deeper. It is not an option for a compelled heart, it is only optional for a shallow one, a thin soul.

And we – you, I, our neighbors, churches, children, nations, and world – need these souls of divine depth now.   We do not need any more people of violence, hate, and mockery running out of control with their mouths and deeds. We have enough of those.

The people of faith must be people of a more soulful course of thought, feeling and action.  We must not be lazy intellectually, only reading books that reaffirm our religious conclusions or doing nothing to broaden our world-view or understanding of humanity.  We must master our impulses, zip our lips, withhold our tantrums, and monitor the stories our bodies are writing. We have enough cowards that speak tough about what others do, but have given up on their own grinding soul-work. We need more who are not easily swayed from the intentions of their faith – a faith that lives now in the face of devastation as if everything will indeed one day be made new. We need principled people who respect each other as human beings of value and who do not forget that when it might be expedient or entertaining to do so. We need people who vote not based solely on what will benefit them, but what is best for others as well. We are to be people of faith that do not forget that while God is fully relational, He is to be revered and His expectations of us must be respected. With all of this, goodwill and benevolence should drench our words, decisions and opinions of others. We need those who more freely give the benefit-of-the-doubt and who shoot first with grace.

If you do not see the need for this in your own life you are nearsighted or at worst completely blinded by what you feel and think now. You are stuck within your current self, personality and method of operation. In this mental and emotional state, your effectiveness and productiveness as a person of faith is severely limited. You have forgotten what you were given and you are self-absorbed and missing the point.

None of us are there yet. There is further to go. It is a challenge, but it is not a burden because corruption is much heavier than grace. But, this is not for tomorrow. It is for today and it is imperative that we know that.

2 Peter 1:3-9