Listening and Leaving

It is probably time to listen, but if you listen, that means you will need to leave. Leaving is hard.

But, it is not just about you. There are others who are supposed to benefit from your listening and leaving. So it comes down to who you really want to be. Because you can stay. You can remain as is. Nothing has to change. But, there is a difference between a man and a father, a reader and a writer, an admirer and an artist. Everyone takes, but not everyone gives.

You may not know who he is, but you do not like Wang Sicong. His dad is worth thirty billion dollars, so Wang has plenty of disposable and discretionary income and he knows it. Recently, he bought his dog, Coco, eight IPhone 7’s. Previously, he had bought Coco two Apple Watches with luxury bands worth close to $37k.1 See, I told you that you did not like him.

Why the disgust? Jealous? It is more than that isn’t it? He does more than just take. To take and never give is bad enough. But, he does not just take. He wastes. So what does this have to do with you, because the most expensive thing you have ever bought your dog is an appointment with a vet?

When God promised to bless Abraham, it was for a purpose greater than Abraham. The promise was good news for his life for sure. He was chosen, for some reason, to play an extremely significant role in the historical work of God stretching from ancient times all the way to us who read about him on our cell phones. But, tucked in the promise is that he will not only be blessed, he will “be a blessing.”2

To receive that blessing and to be a blessing, Abraham had to listen and leave – leave his home, leave his family, leave his culture. I am not saying that everyone has to be a missionary overseas or even physically move. But, I know that for some of you reading this there is something very specific you are hearing and you immediately know what it is. Listen. And leave.

Leave that mindset. Leave that bitterness. Leave that sphere of influence. Leave that lifestyle. Leave that habit. Leave that ineffectiveness. Packing up and carrying the boxes one by one is not easy, but right now you are just waiting for blessings to be delivered to your doorstep addressed only to you. Right now you are a man, but it is time to be a father. Right now you read, but it is time to write. Right now you admire, but it is time to create. Blessings go to waste in the fertile land of the blessed unless the blessed replant them outside of their own gardens.

But, to do that, you have to listen and you have to leave.


2 Genesis 12:2

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